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Launching LEGOLAND California in the most established theme park market in the country was going to be a challenge. The competition was fierce with world famous parks like Disneyland Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood, and SeaWorld San Diego to name a few. On top of this cluttered theme park landscape, Southern California also offered visitors world class entertainment, high caliber sporting events, breathtaking beaches and gorgeous state parks. Given this challenging environment, our primary objective was to carve out a unique positioning that would drive attendance. An additional goal was to increase brand preference as the best theme park for children ages 2 to 12. While the situation posed a challenge, it also provided an opportunity to reach those families looking for family-friendly entertainment along with a valuable and memorable experience.


  • Branding Strategy

In developing the brand’s strategic positioning, we learned that the interactive features of LEGOLAND California are a major differentiator from the competition. Many of the park’s rides are hands-on and put the guest in control of their own enjoyment. The ability of the park’s attractions to transform a child (and parent) into a participant rather than just a passive observer offered a truly unique and compelling benefit and was consistent with the LEGO brand.

This unique strategic positioning was the platform that underpinned all of the brand’s campaigns. With the addition of 25+ new attractions over the years, we were able to not only reinforce the interactive benefits of LEGOLAND, but also add to the value proposition by offering something new. These new attractions continually gave new reasons to come – ultimately driving attendance year after year.


Based on this unique theme park experience, park attendance has consistently exceeded goals for over 18 years. We’ve successfully launched two theme parks (California and Florida), opened two hotels and launched over 25 attractions including a water park and aquarium. Over and beyond stellar park attendance, the brand has perceptually led the category. LEGOLAND has continually been among the top three on brand awareness, brand favorability and intent to visit (among families with children 2-12) even regularly beating Disneyland and Universal Hollywood with a fraction of investment.

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