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dr.Cafe Coffee
Product Launch


A leading coffee company that provides unmatched standards in high quality products and friendly services and outstanding Ultimate Place Experience.


Creative Solutions helped dr.CAFE COFFEE launch the newest and latest mobile ordering & pickup application in the coffee industry for both Android and IOS platforms. This mobile ordering application developed by Creative Solutions is designed to bring dr.CAFE COFFEE menus closer to your fingertips. In a fast, easy awesome way to reach your favorite store and find your order ready to pick up and enjoy. Following are the features that we provided to dr.Cafe Coffee by developing their Mobile App: • Modify Coffee/beverage size, • Put a number of espresso shots, • dr.CAFE Card transactions tracking • Connect to all social media accounts of dr.CAFE, • dr.CAFE information, • News about dr.CAFE • Invitation to a friend

~8 Employees
$5,000 Min Budget
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Creative Solutions

Riyadh, BFPO

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