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An entrepreneur started a business to connect part-time work-from-home employees to businesses needing customer service representatives. Her vision was to offer W-2 employment to people that could chose their own hours and work from their homes. It combines the best of the Gig Economy with the back-office support of being employed by a company. While Elfy's on-boarding and job board portal was very professional and well built, their public website was built on Wix and the sales process was extremely manual.


Calibrate built a one-page website, with clear call-to-actions, and integrated media. We also trained Elfy to develop an automated email campaign that would educate prospects using a drip email funnel once they expressed interest to learn more. We connected her site to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to track the activity on the website and understand where visitors are coming from.

~5 Employees
$5,000 Min Budget
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We are an internet marketing agency helping connecticut small businesses improve their marketing efforts through search, e-mail marketing & social media

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