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Increase in Sales


Utilizing the most up-to-date features of Shopify Plus, we created an engaging and modern site design and e-mail marketing strategy for a company obsessed with quality and style. The Birdwell brand has been offering custom options to their clientele for years, so it was important for us to ensure a tailored online experience for each and every customer.


  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • E-Commerce

Patch Additions
Created unique UX visual pop-up builder that allows customers to preview custom items added to garments.
Increased AOV by allowing customers to add custom patches and buttons to garments.

Combined Multi-Line
Made use of Shopify's front end to create custom line items for store.
Enables multi-SKU line items to be combined into one item in cart.

Advanced Custom Boardshort Builder
We've taken customs one step further - allowing customers to customize every aspect of the garment itself.
Customizations hook into fulfillment application for a seamless process.

Built Fulfillment App with Shopify API and Webhooks
Leveraged Shopify’s webhooks and API's to develop MEAN stack custom web application.
Made use of Ship Station’s APIs for fulfillment aspects.
Auto-produced custom production sheets for seamstresses.

Optimized Mobile Navigation
Developed in-depth user behavior study and implemented a streamlined mobile design to fit consumer needs.
Used Hotjar mapping to create intuitive mobile navigation design.
Full functionality, including custom product building, on mobile devices.

A culmination of our experiences in partnership with Birdwell's creative team.
Designed with adaptability and deliverability in mind.
Optimized for a seamless viewing experience.


  • 70% Increase in Sales

Increase in 12 Month Revenue 66.46%
Increase in 24 Month Revenue 248.68%
Increase in 24 Month Aov 69.65%
Increase in 24 Month Transactions 104.94%
Decrease in Bounce Rate 91.58%

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Arctic Leaf

Lake Forest, California
~15 Employees