Jewelry E-Commerce Store Increases 110% Gross Sales In 6 Months

Anytime Digital Marketing + SpiritAdornments
Increase Sales


Increase in Sales


Increase in Facebook Likes


Increase in Conversion Rate


Spirit Adornments contacted us to look for new ways of scaling and growing their e-commerce website online via pay-per-click Google Ads & Social Media (Facebook & Instagram) Ads. They were seeking to generate more traffic to their website via branding and SEO.


  • E-Commerce
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online Advertising

We helped build and bolster their sales presence with fresh targeted ads focusing on their unique inventory. The goal was to drive new customers into the e-commerce store with engaging ads and sales promotions for the consumers. Sales increased 110% within the first 6 months of marketing. This was done with a robust PPC management initiative on Google Ads. This included search ads, display, and YouTube video ads. In addition, Facebook and Instagram ads were created with various targeting methods and individual and carousel campaigns. We also introduced the brand on Pinterest, Snapchat and TikTok, since the target audience in mainly female from ages 18-40. The Shopify based e-commerce site was optimized with keywords for each and every one of their products. This created a strong boost with their organic SEO presence.


  • 110% Increase in Sales
  • 5,478% Increase in Facebook Likes
  • 85% Increase in Conversion Rate

The most important aspect of the campaigns for Spirit Adornments was understanding the client’s business and what success looked like for them. We invested heavily in the launch with a strategic scaling plan, and would be able to steer wisely using our target marketing technique. This created a true positive for us and made decision making and prioritization effective. Some of the assets included call to action, various graphics, keywords, and special sales campaigns.


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Anytime Digital Marketing

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