How to update a website without losing rank

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Improve User Experience


Problem. An outdated site that does not meet modern usability trends and search engine requirements.
Task: to ensure a successful site update process, minimizing possible risks.


  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • Website Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To develop the right approach, which will allow:
- establish a workflow;
- avoid mistakes;
- achieve the intended results.
Formally, we can divide the process of updating a site into the following stages:
1. Preparation for the start of work;
2. Implementation of technical tasks;
3. Analysis of completed works;
4. Site release.


Upon completion of the work, we received:
- Updated website design;
- Website positions remained the same – they did not fall and did not grow;
- The site adapted for mobile devices;
- Filter pages have been implemented, due to which the site structure significantly expanded.
dded an alternative language version of the site;
- Added the logical interlinking blocks for correct weight distribution on the site and greater user engagement;
- Optimized Blog section with thematic subject categories and subcategories;
- The site speed has increased;
- A highly functional CMS was added, which allowed solving the client’s business issues.


The Client


The Agency

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