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New Market Entry


Increase in Return on Ad Spend


Increase in Sales


UK Carp Tech offer high-end fishing equipment at the fraction of the retail price through hosting competitions that can be entered for as little as 99p.

Expand their competition business into the Facebook and Instagram market space.


  • Social Media Management
  • Online Advertising

We devised a strategy that would enable the Carp Fishing site to reach out to prospecting customers who posed an interest in carp fishing gear and also retarget those who previously visited the website or engaged with the page. Through creating content relevant to each ad set and providing high-quality imagery and video, we’ve been able to grow the brands presence.

-Devised a strategy that would allow us to market to prospecting and existing customers.
-Created a series of target audiences based on UK Carp Tech’s ideal consumer, including those who had previously added an item to their basket.
-Curated ad copy relevant to each audience to encourage users to sign up at the prospecting stage, and to not miss out at the remarketing stage of the campaign.
-Designed imagery and videos in line with said copy to promote UK Carp Tech as a trusted source of carp fishing equipment.
-Set up individual ad campaigns to promote high-cost competitions to ensure variation and sell out.


  • 66% Increase in Return on Ad Spend
  • 84% Increase in Sales

34.9% increase in revenue
65.5% increase in ROAS
83.6% increase in purchases

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