Chicago, Illinois
~2 Employees
$5,000 Min Budget

What’s Our Core? Offering holistic digital media solutions based on marketing intelligence, not out of the box formulas. We are an assemblage of visual artists, data wizards, wordsmiths, and chess enthusiasts. We work with our clients to amplify their brands’ personalities, help them spread the word about their good work, and ultimately, support them as they get their products into their consumer’s hands. Well Crafted Messaging + Data-Backed Strategy = Brand Awareness 1o8 brings a new voice to your work. We’re growth hackers that have garnered expertise in every aspect of digital marketing, from paid social advertising to copywriting, graphics creation, and data mining, all amounting to strategic social and digital media engagement and increased e-commerce activity. Mastering the Digital Chess Game We begin our work together with research-a deep dive that starts with telling a story using demographic data, your ideal customers’ buying patterns, your products’ virtues and your past digital work. We move on to planning that is focused on identifying goals and mapping out processes to get you where you want to go. We test theories, experiment and find surefire ways to increase your digital presence and your sales simultaneously. Staying Hungry After a thorough due diligence period, and the mapping out of a detailed digital strategy, we sweat every detail to ensure that your marketing plans are built for results from the get-go. And we don’t stop after the initial plan. We work with you to revisit the plan, continually revising and recalibrating it. When you work with 1o8, you’ll work directly with our team of on-the-ground experts who continually reflect on data, creatively curate social content and ads, and refine the strategy to ensure we meet and exceed our shared goals together.