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Increase in Sales


Increase in Conversion Rate


When came to 1Digital Agency they had a problem with an obvious solution, but one that wasn’t so easy for them to implement. They run a business that sells wholesale supplies to florists all over the nation, but conversions on their website were slipping. Their site looked outdated, and cluttered, but more importantly, it wasn’t responsively designed to appear on tablets and smartphones. They knew they needed a responsive site, but just didn’t have the experts on their in-house team to make that goal a reality.

WholesaleFloral was absolutely right to be concerned. In modern eCommerce, your mobile site is arguably more important than your desktop site. According to a study done by comScore, mobile activity now makes up 55% of online shopping traffic. Not only are mobile users now the biggest customer segment, they’re also the most valuable, because they are the most likely to convert. Anyone hoping to compete in eCommerce in 2016 needs a great looking mobile site. WholesaleFloral knew that, and they came to 1Digital Agency to bring their web store into the era of mobile commerce.


  • Website Creation

It typically takes 1Digital 2-3 weeks to make a website responsive. Responsive design projects consist of almost entirely development work done by our team of expert mobile developers. These projects require changes in the code of a client’s website that, while straightforward for our developers, would be extremely difficult for a client to try to take on themselves. WholesaleFloral’s project, however, was a bit more involved.

WholesaleFloral also needed the design of their website to look more modern. Their new site is a massive improvement. Here are a few of the major things that 1Digital changed to get looking great:

The carousel on the homepage was updated to be full width, featuring high res images. We also added call to action buttons to the carousel so that they’d be above the fold, and easily noticeable from the first moment a user lays eyes on the website.

1Digital destroys left hand navigation menus with extreme prejudice. They look old, and they waste valuable real estate on a homepage. We replaced it with a mega menu that employs hover effects. This solution allows you to put any amount of detail you want into your menu without sacrificing space.

We made sure that trust signals were apparent. Building trust is extremely important in eCommerce. So we brought over all trust badges from the old homepage, and added customer testimonials to the homepage.

We updated all fonts and buttons to more modern styles, and made call to action buttons bigger and more colorful.

We added a description field to the category pages. This is a great place to put SEO friendly content


  • 614% Increase in Sales
  • 451% Increase in Conversion Rate

Since their project has wrapped up, WholesaleFloral has reported a massive improvement in performance over this time last year. The new’s number of orders is up by 595.83% over last year. Their conversion rate is up by 450.73%, and revenue is up by 614.13%. There’s no doubt, a great looking mobile website is a prerequisite to eCommerce success in 2016.

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