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Brand Development


Continuum is a community owned telecommunications company. In a challenging business landscape, their team prides itself in being ultra-friendly, super-helpful, and very, very local. We worked to connect consumers directly with the Continuum team, through intimate photography and personable experiences.


In a small, board driven business, marketing initiatives are a hard sell, with their lack of tangible end state. Continuum were suffering from a classic case of 'Digital Debt' and, after years of deprioritization, the brand, website and marketing materials were outdated. In an effort to upgrade their digital presence and better serve their customers, we set about establishing a lean schedule, first prioritizing the most important goals and building on this as the year progressed.

In later phases of development, we swapped all service layouts for individual pages, made our lead generation funnels more user-friendly, and added extra tools to help users choose the best product for their needs.

Continuum has two customer bases - personal and business - and requested two different sites to support this. We built a custom WordPress theme with modules that accommodate the needs of both customer bases and installed it on two parallel sites. They were easy to switch between and nearly identical from a management perspective. The parallel sites halved the design work, helped streamline the copy process, and allowed Continuum to develop strategies specific to each customer base.

The Client

Internet Software & Services
~540 Employees

The Agency

Vancouver, British Columbia
~12 Employees