Building a Digital Strategy from the Ground Up

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Capesky Insurance & Wealth Management
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With the great wealth transfer to continue over the next few years in Canada, the goal was to move beyond the traditional referral pipeline and build a digital lead, social and content strategy that could be managed in-house.


Tenth Man Marketing provided Capesky Inc. with key client personas and a digital strategy for social and content. As part of the digital component, we provided a package of key templates & images that aligned to the overall existing brand that they could use across their digital platforms. Full details are below: Website Refresh & SEO - Recommended a new platform to refresh their website, and provided image and copy updates across the site to improve online presence and align to key search terms. Lead Drivers - Recommended local listings across various sites and provided email copy templates for cross-sell opportunities. Social & Content - Built a social strategy to increase reach/engagement on Facebook and LinkedIn. Provided a package of templates and images to leverage throughout the year.


Increased capacity - The team at Capesky Inc. was able to increase its capacity by leveraging a variety of prebuilt images and templates. This ensured their message is consistent & aligned to their customer's needs. Be seen as a thought leader - By developing a content strategy for Capesky Insurance they were able to share their expertise across a variety of digital channels that aligned to changing customer needs throughout the year. Building a digital pipeline for growth - By providing a template for increased reach/engagement on Facebook and LinkedIn, optimizing their site for SEO, and enhancing their listings across the web, Tenth Man Marketing was able to help Capesky Inc start to increase the number of leads they receive in the digital space.

~1 Employees
$2,000 Min Budget
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Tenth Man Marketing

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With 15 years of experience managing marketing campaigns for banks like RBC, HSBC, & BMO, plus e-commerce businesses, and financial planners, Catherine at Tenth Man Marketing is your go-to expert for all your marketing strategy, SEO and content strategy needs.

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