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The Elections Division of Travis County, Texas administers all elections in the County and manages every aspect of the election process from precinct locations to required notices, voting machine,...

Living under sinks and eating our leftovers, waste disposal units (WDUs) are curious creatures. Out of sight and out of mind, have you ever wondered just how these mysterious machines work? Or what...

Environmental Health & Engineering

Environmental Health Engineering delivers education

Repositioning a healthcare engineering firm in changing times Environmental Health & Engineering (EH&E) is a Massachusetts-based engineering, environmental health and safety consulting firm. With...

CDC: Zika Domestic Readiness Campaign. Preventing an outbreak from becoming a crisis in the continental U.S. By late winter 2016, it was clear that the Zika virus caused severe birth defects...

Support. Not Fear.

City of New York delivers education
DCF Advertising

COVID-19 has affected all New Yorkers, causing worry and stress throughout all aspects of life. This pandemic, as well as the recent “Public Charge” Rule, has prevented immigrant communities from...

Michigan Wildlife Council

MI Wildlife Council delivers education
Gud Marketing

The Michigan Wildlife Council was formed to educate Michigan residents about the significant contributions sportsmen make to the continued conservation and management of Michigan’s natural...

A Full Spectrum Future: Don’t just make noise, #beheard.

Federal Communications Commission delivers education

Listen Over 20 years ago, the FCC allocated airwaves in the 5.9 GHz frequency band for a service called DSRC that was supposed to help cars “talk” to infrastructure and each other, alerting...

Impact Campaign

Pasadena City College delivers education
Elder Tree

The "Impact Campaign" is an ambitious, multimillion-dollar fundraising campaign to invest in one of the San Gabriel Valley’s most vital economic engines: Pasadena City College. Launched by the...

Kyowa Kirin cares

Kyowa Kirin delivers education
Cambridge BioMarketing

High-touch support for a high-value product. Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) is a difficult-to-manage cancer that can unexpectedly metastasize and threaten patients’ lives. And as a condition...

Healthy Delaware

Healthy Delaware delivers education
Aloysius, Butler & Clark

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. And in Delaware, malignant melanoma was on the rise—incidence rates had increased 78 percent according to the Delaware Cancer...

BARBRI is the nation’s #1 bar review prep and is legally required to make their content accessible under the ADA. Before using 3Play Media, BARBRI’s captioning process was very manual and...

Collaborative platform for Airbnb

Airbnb delivers education
Pepper Square

Airbnb got in touch and tasked us with an interesting challenge: to bring their team together to share ideas.

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