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Increase in Avg. Session Duration


Increase in New Users


There are few real estate markets tougher than New York’s, and not even Engel & Völkers can coast on size and reputation. Potential clients would have their pick of real estate partners – and unrelentingly high expectations. We were tasked with providing a consistently superior onsite experience, and ensuring it looked beautiful every step of the way.


  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • Website Creation

In a swift 3.5 month project cycle, the BFM team isolated the defining aspects of the Engel & Völkers brand, led a holistic design initiative, and mapped out a more user-friendly website that was as enjoyable to browse as it was to look at. Throughout the project, we kept an open dialogue with the Engel & Völkers team, encouraging creative collaboration every step of the way.

Mindful Design
After a comprehensive audit of the old Engel & Völkers website, our designers pinpointed a few key design hang-ups: confusing layouts, lack of imagery, tiny text, and crowded content.

Leveraging these findings, we designed a website that showcased beautiful properties, made listings easier to navigate, and put essential website features front-and center.

Built to Perform
We’re always thinking about the user, and this site was no exception. After a strategic phase to establish user personas and pathways, our information architects mapped out a website that ensured customers had clear pathways to meet their needs, and was easy to use across all devices.

Content that Engages
Engels & Völkers wasn’t just selling real estate – they were enabling a lifestyle. Our content team took this notion to heart, crafting cohesive messaging that motivated users to reach out not just for a new home, but for a whole new way of living.

As messaging turned new users into brand loyalists, the BFM team populated a new, dedicated resource center, putting informative pieces of thought leadership at arm’s reach and bolstering Engel & Völkers’ reputation as a global real estate authority.

Systems for Success
We set up a custom content management system that met Engel & Völkers’ unique needs. Our team mapped out each field of a custom OLR system, creating three user permission levels that gave certain team members advanced content privileges, including permission to overwrite certain fields, update specific properties, and edit onsite content.


  • 50% Increase in Avg. Session Duration
  • 33% Increase in New Users

After the launch of their refreshed New York website, Engel & Völkers saw a 50 percent increase in the average time users spent on their site. This, along with a reduced bounce rate, indicated users were engaging more than they ever had before. And with a 33 percent increase in new users as well, the Engel & Völkers team had more opportunities to win new clients and grow the business.

The Client
Engel & Volkers

~4,246 Employees
Blue Fountain Media

The Agency
Blue Fountain Media

New York, New York
~149 Employees